How Is Unemployment Affecting the Housing Market?

What’s happening with the unemployment rate, is it as bad as it looks. There is some good news regarding this.  If you look at this Graph, it shows that unemployment is going down since the peak of unemployment at the end of March. According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that three point two … Continued

Owasso Economy and the Housing Market

What are the Experts are predicting for our Economy. I know it’s a very scary time and with all the negative news and doom and gloom, I feel it’s important to look at what the Experts are saying and base our decisions on that information.    We are constantly asked, ”what’s happening in the housing … Continued

What to Expect in a Real Estate Transaction

You may be super excited about buying your first home, or maybe you are a first time seller and finally able to move up in size.  As exciting as this possibility is, you need to know that unexpected things do come up and can go wrong.  Every real estate transaction comes with it’s own set … Continued

Owasso Chamber of Commerce

It can be a cause for concern when the  COVID-19 outbreak has affected our daily lives from social to work. The Owasso Chamber of Commerce looks back on everything it’s done and will continue to do, to support their members and community during this crisis and the aftermath. Within the first week of the countrywide … Continued

3 Reasons Why You Should Join The Owasso Chamber of Commerce

There are two things driving the growth of Owasso; New jobs provided by factories and locals expanding our community with their own family-owned businesses.  Although we rely on large corporations for easy accessibility and convenience the people of Owasso continue to support and celebrate the small shops that make our town unique.  Local businesses rely … Continued

Step 17: Closing Day

Closing day is almost here! Whoo hoo!   Your title company will attend closing on your behalf and make sure everything goes smoothly. Afterward, our title company will send us both a copy of the HUD/settlement statement with the exact breakdown of the closing charges (you will also receive a preliminary one prior to closing … Continued

Step 16: Final Walk Through

The final walk through usually occurs the night before closing or the morning of closing and is a chance for the buyer and the buyer’s Realtor to walk through the property and make sure it’s in the same condition as it was during the inspection.  Generally the walk through takes about 15 minutes and we … Continued

Step 15: Clear To Close

A few days before the closing date, the buyer should get the Clear to Close from his or her mortgage lender.  This means the buyer’s mortgage has been approved and the title company can schedule a closing date. Once a closing date, time and location have been scheduled by the title company the buyers realtor … Continued

Step 14: The Appraisal is Good, Time to Start Packing!

Now that the appraisal has been sorted out, it’s safe to hire movers and start packing  Call now to get moving estimates and secure a mover as they often get booked up weeks in advance.  This is also a good time to arrange to have your utilities shut off at the home you are selling … Continued