How You Can Use Virtual Staging To Impress Home Buyers in Owasso

We’ve talked before about the importance of staging your home for a quick sale at the price you want. According to the National Association of Realtors, 77% of agents say that home staging allows buyers to visualize a home as their own. There is, however, a fairly new aspect to staging that we haven’t touched on before … Continued

Quality Tire and Auto Service

Quality Tire and Auto Service is a local to Owasso automotive shop that has not stopped providing the community with care since 2005. Based around a mission, to give quality repair services to anyone who needs it, the shop has remained open through the COVID-19 shut-down.  While many large chain services shut down or drastically … Continued

Skin Couture

People in Owasso with overgrown eyebrows and in need of a way to relax after spending too much time at home during the COVID-19 shutdown celebrated the phased reopening of many businesses this May.  It is not just customers excited to back to their weekly beauty routines, local facialist, and owner of Skin Couture, Gayla … Continued

Wheels and Thrills

The COVID-19 shut-down has caused many problems for local business owners everywhere and, for the past month, we have seen that same effect within our own town. Stores and independent workers have been forced to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to make an income without sacrificing the safety of their … Continued

Emersumnice Brewery

MAY 1ST-We are all excited to see Owasso softly opening from the COVID-19 shutdown order that has been keeping everyone home this past month. While this may raise some concerns to residents this has also been good news for local business owners who took a big hit. Emersumnice Brewery, on South Main, will finally open … Continued

5 Signs You Have Found The Right House In Owasso

  Finding the right house – the “perfect home” – usually involves a lot more than most of us realize. Many of the deciding factors we aren’t consciously aware of because they aren’t the result of rational analysis or analytical decisions. Typically, we respond to a house at an emotional level – we have a … Continued

Owasso Homeowners: How To Stage A House You Live In

You know that when you put your house on the market you need to stage it so that it will be it’s most attractive and appealing to buyers. Ideally, this will happen when you’re in your new home and out of the old one. But the ideal seldom materializes in real life. It is possible, … Continued

4 Things Sellers Should Never Say When Closing a Home Sale in Owasso

The doorbell rings, and you’re expecting them, so you put on your best-winning smile and open the door. And there they stand looking slightly nervously uncomfortable, but still with bright, eager hope radiating from their faces – the prospective buyers of the home you’re trying to sell. Things go well for a bit, but then you mention … Continued