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COVID-19 has been forcing people to turn towards the internet for work, resources, and entertainment. On average people are spending more time online than ever and that can have a negative impact on our minds and bodies. 

Owasso yoga instructor, Jeanne Doss, has been taking steps since having her studio, Tranquility Yoga, closed down due to the small-nonessential-business shutdown. Not letting the quarantine stop her, she has started streaming LIVE lessons via Facebook so that people can keep active at home.  

Jeanne Doss, Owasso Oklahoma

Breaking away from the internet, Doss is also doing something a little more interactive and creative with her lessons. Being stuck home is not doing anyone’s mental health any favors. Being trapped in one place and losing your personal schedule and connections has been affecting people negatively which is why Doss has started doing drive-by yoga!

To take precautions during personal, drive-by, lessons she does not go into homes or within six feet of clients. Instead, she will set up her yoga mat in the front yard and teach from there while students copy her movements from the safety of their front porch or windows. 

Since starting yoga in 1995 to help with her anxiety, Doss has had a passion for the exercise and has a goal to get older people to move. With the drastic changes we have been seeing in the world it is no secret that communities, now more than ever, need to reach out to one another to make sure we are all doing more than just surviving. 

After completing a drive-by lesson, one of her older students said this, “…I had my first complete day of feeling well, and I know you and yoga had so much to do with it. Your visit touched me physically, emotionally and spiritually. Love, kindness and accepting people right where they are flows right through you.”

Tranquility Yoga might have closed its doors but its message of balancing emotions and thoughts is still very active today. Doss says that if everything clears up by this fall, you will find her getting closer to nature with the Mindful Outdoor Leadership Program. Starting in September she will be leading people on hikes into nature and combining it with yoga. 

If you are interested in picking up a new hobby or just get some exercise during this quarantine, check out Tranquility Yoga’s Facebook page. The lessons are available to anyone of any age, body type, and experience.  

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