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    Step10: Schedule Closing

    Step10: Schedule Closing

    The contract is executed and inspections have been scheduled. Now is the time to make sure that you put the date on your calendar and be sure to ask off from work as closing will be scheduled during working hours.  Most title companies have several times of day available but it’s best to get it on everyone’s calendar ASAP. 

    A few things to keep in mind regarding closing on your home:

    The closing date is tentatively set for a specific day but could be delayed for various reasons.  There are 5 additional contract days built into the Oklahoma contract after the actual closing date just in case.  Just know that we will be diligent with keeping in contact with the title company and lender to make sure we stay on top of the closing timeline.  If you prefer morning over afternoon be sure to let us know so we can schedule accordingly.  Title companies hold normal business working hours and are not open on weekends so make sure you plan time off from work if necessary.

    Closing usually takes place at the buyers closing company but can also be held at the real estate brokers office.  It usually takes about 2 hours but could go longer depending on funding and receiving the wire in a timely manner. 

    You will need to attend closing in person and bring a valid drivers license with you for verification.

    A day or two prior to closing the title company will contact you with wiring instructions for your down payment and any associated closing costs as outlined on your closing disclosure statement. DO NOT WIRE MONEY FROM ANY EMAIL REQUEST THAT DOESN’T REQUIRE A LOGIN TO VIEW THE WIRE INSTRUCTIONS. Wire fraud is a huge issue that is affecting closings all over the united states.   The lender will work with the title company to make sure the document is prepared a minimum of three working days prior to closing.

    Your closing company will provide a copy of each document as well as information about your mortgage payment and any home warranty that might have been purchased.

    Once all the documents have been signed, the wire received and the checks disbursed you will receive the keys to your new home!

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