Step 9: Wire Fraud Alert

Online fraud

Unfortunately, there are too many people in this world who don’t want to work for what they have, they want to take what is yours.  A sad example of this is Wire Fraud. Con artists are hitting the real estate market full force and stealing and hacking email addresses and title company information to con buyers into sending their hard earned and saved money which is intended for their home down payment and redirecting it to the con artist accounts.  Please, please heed this warning.  Realtors will NEVER, EVER  send you wire information via email or requests for funds.  Title companies will ONLY send you requests via a secure email system that requires a login.  Before you wire any funds, or give your bank information to wire funds, take 5 minutes and call your title company to verify that the information is correct.  If not, you could loose your hard earned money and not get it back.  THIS IS A REAL THREAT AND SHOULD BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!! We are here to answer your questions and we work for you so always ask before you make any decisions if you are unsure of your next step. 

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