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    Step 8: Home Inspection

    Step 8: Home Inspection

    Home inspection is probably the most important step following the contract execution.  We highly recommend you be present during the inspection.  You will receive an inspection report if you are unable to attend the inspection.  However, the inspector will go over any issues in detail at the inspection and point out each item as they are discussed.  This also gives you the opportunity to ask them questions regarding necessary repairs. Inspection reports can be very long and detailed so it’s always a best practice to be present if at all possible. There are different types of inspections that are not included in a general inspection.  A general inspection is typically electrical, mechanical, plumbing and a visual inspection of the roof and exterior.  Additional inspections come with additional cost and vary from company to company. 

    Examples of additional inspections include:

    Termite (required for loans in Oklahoma)


    Pool / Hot Tub

    Sprinkler Systems

    Septic Systems

    Duct Work


    Tips for attending a home inspection:

    • Home inspections range from 2 to 4 hours depending on the size and scope of the inspection. 
    • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes in the event that you need to enter crawl spaces or attics.
    • Ask questions, you are paying for their expertise and they are working for you. If you don’t understand a process make sure you ask questions until you do.  It’s important to understand each problem and whether it’s minor or major and the expense involved.
    • The inspector isn’t psychic, he/she can only inspect and detect obvious things he/she can see. Having a clean inspection report won’t keep you from having issues down the road, it just means that what can be seen is in good shape at the time of inspection.
    • It’s a good idea to bring a tape measure to get measurements of rooms if you need or want them. 
    • If you have family members or friends who would like to see the home prior to purchase this is a good opportunity.  Just make sure you let them know not to interrupt the inspector so they can stay focused on their job. 

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