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    Step 6: Repair/Replace Putting your Best Foot Forward!

    Step 6: Repair/Replace Putting your Best Foot Forward!

    If you did a pre-market inspection, we will review the report and come up with a list of items that you will address prior to listing.  If you opted not  to pre-inspect but know that you have items in your home that need to be addressed, now is the time.  It’s best to have those items repaired before your home goes on the market.  It also improves your ability to negotiate items that may come up in a buyer’s inspection report as well and mitigate unnecessary repairs from the get-go. We are glad to share our resource list of affordable repair people, electricians, handymen, etc. and are happy to make repair appointments.  We can also install a key box that allows one day access to any tradespeople you are comfortable with having access to your home.  We can also be available to come to your home to let workers in  if that is preferred if you are not available to do so.   

    We do recommend the following maintenance even if you decide not to do any pre-listing repairs:

    Touching up the paint in your home

    Installing new caulk around every shower and tub

    Hiring a professional HVAC company to service and clean both your AC unit and furnace

    Hiring a company to professionally clean your carpets if you aren’t replacing them 

    Making sure all light bulbs are working and that every light fixture contains the highest wattage light bulbs it can bear

    Having chimneys professionally swept and add a rain cap. 

    If any brick is loose have it repaired.

    Changing outdated cabinet hardware in kitchens and bathrooms

    Repairing or replace any broken or missing window screens 

    Testing all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are functioning properly

    Making sure downspouts aren’t improperly sloped or damaged in single family homes. If they are, have them repaired.

    Repairing any damaged, broken or missing roof shingles if you own a single family home

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