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Step 4: Finding the Perfect Home

Step 4: Finding the Perfect Home

So, you’ve chosen your realtor (thanks for choosing us) and now it’s time to find your dream home.  The first step in that process is an MLS search that we will tailor to the home criteria that you decide upon.  You will receive an email from our area mls which is  Once you receive the email you will open the link and be able to view a list of properties that meet your criteria. 

The landing page of your link will have options to rate the properties. 

Heart for “Love”

Light Bulb for “Maybe”

Trash can for “Not my dream home”

There is also a message option if you have questions for us or want to make notes on properties you are interested in. 

So what’s next? 

  • When you find a property(ies) you would like to see in person, text or call us with the mls# or address so that we can make an appointment asap.  Give us your times available to look and we will schedule with the seller’s realtor. 
  • Please remember showings happen between set hours.  The lockboxes that hold the keys are not available until 9 am and close at 8 pm during daylight savings and 9 pm after daylight savings.  It’s always best to see a home during daylight hours so make sure if it’s possible to always go before dark.  We also like to abide by the seller’s wishes and preferences so please be flexible if the need arises. 
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and be sure your shoes come off easily in case a seller requests it. 
  • Bring snacks or drinks so we can move quickly between homes.
  • We will have property info for you when we meet at the properties. Please be ready with any questions regarding the property so that we can get answers asap. 
  • Make notes while we look either on the handouts we give you or in your phone. Details make all the difference when looking at multiple homes.

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