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    Step 3: Buyer Homework

    Step 3: Buyer Homework

    Now that you’ve chosen your Realtor (we are so glad you picked us!) and have also chosen your preferred lender it’s time to get the ball rolling and find a house to buy.  There are a few things we need you to do as well and we will walk you through each step and answer any questions you might have along the way.


    • If you haven’t already, you need to choose a lender asap and obtain a pre-approval letter.  Refer to Step 2 To Home Ownership: Choose a Lender for our preferred lender list.
    • Sign our Buyer documents which include the following: Buyer Brokerage Agreement and Affiliated Business Disclosure. 
    •  Review estimated closing costs.
    • Choose a closing company – we will provide a list of recommended title companies
    • Choose a home inspector – we will provide a list of recommended home inspection companies.
    • Change your privacy settings on Facebook and LinkedIn to the highest security setting available while still accepting new Friend requests. Don’t share any information regarding the home buying process on social media as it can potentially hamper your ability to negotiate.
    • Keep us updated on your mortgage process.
    • DO NOT make any new major purchases, open new lines of credit or apply for new credit cards.  Be sure to continue to pay all of your bills on time as well as any mortgage payments you may currently have and be diligent with your finances until you close on your new home.
    • Gather funds for the down payment and closing costs.

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