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    Step 15: Clear To Close

    Step 15: Clear To Close

    A few days before the closing date, the buyer should get the Clear to Close from his or her mortgage lender.  This means the buyer’s mortgage has been approved and the title company can schedule a closing date.

    Once a closing date, time and location have been scheduled by the title company the buyer’s realtor will schedule a final tour of the property. This usually takes place the day before closing to make sure the property is still in the same condition it was during the inspection and all agreed-upon repairs have been completed. It’s important to remember that curtain rods, blinds, and all fixtures are to be left with the property along with any items that were agreed upon in the contract.  We will also schedule for you to pre-sign your documents (buyers and sellers no longer sign documents at the same time due to new federal financial privacy protections) and the title company will send you a final seller statement with the exact amount of proceeds from your sale minus any mortgages that might be currently attached to the property.

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