Seller Checklist

Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Here’s Your Homework When You Work With Us

Your  Name ( s ) :__________________________________________________ Date:  __________  Property Address:_________________________________________________________________

Things we need you to do now:

  • Find a mortgage broker/lender if you are planning to buy another property after you sell your current property. We recommend comparing at least two lenders/mortgage brokers to see who will give you the best terms and rates.  Our favorite lenders can be found on our website at:  This way you know if you can afford to buy another property and, if so, if it makes sense to sell now.

Read and sign the following documents:

  • Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement.  Date this agreement for the date we are planning to put the property into MLS
  • Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure
  • Seller Disclosure of Brokerage Duties
  • Notice to Seller Fraud
  • Tila/Respa – Gives us permission to speak on your behalf to the title company or lenders
  • Seller Notice and Authorization
  • Property Disclosures – There are 3 disclosures depending on the age of your home – Real Property, Lead, and Square Foot.  
  • Return all of the above to us.  We will send this to you via separate email through Dotloop once we’ve decided to work together

Fill out the following documents (return to us once they are complete):

  • Seller’s Questionnaire
  • MLS Listing Data Form
  • Top 10 List- The things you like most about your home
  • List of Improvements on your home while you have owned it
  • List of any items that you want to exclude from the home – not including the fixtures allowed for in the state contract

Review the following documents (ask us any questions you might have while re-viewing these documents):

  • Estimated closing costs
  • Purchase contract (this is the contract you’ll receive when someone makes an offer on your home)
  • Do not post anything on social media regarding the sale of your home as it can be used against us during negotiations
  • Decide whether you will provide a home warranty to the buyer if they ask for one during the negotiations
  • Decide if you want Open Houses.  If so, how often and what day/time is best for you?   ie: Saturdays 1-3 pm or Sunday 2-4 pm
  • Make an extra set of all house keys for the lock box

Once your home is on the market:

  • We will schedule a staging evaluation with our stager.  Repair, replace, etc. any items agreed upon in the staging evaluation before the house goes on the market.
  • Deep clean the house the day before it goes on the market or have someone come and clean for you.
  • Arrange for pets to be out of the home or contained in a crate, if possible, during showings.
  • Hide all valuables including money, passports, jewelry, electronics and prescription medication.
  • Password protect all computers
  • Set up a time to speak with us once per week from now until the house sells
  • Once the above is completed let us know so we can order the photography, virtual tour, make the flyers and order a sign to be put out front
  • Discuss with us the possibility of multiple offers, low appraisals, quick closing dates, etc.
  • Review the competition listings we will send to you via MLS to get to know your competition, see when they do price reductions, see what price they close for, etc. Decide whether you want to see these daily or weekly
  • We will let you know when the home inspection will occur so you can vacate the property.  Home inspections generally take about 2 hours and we will be there to represent you.
  • Start looking for a new home if you need to buy something before moving and continue the mortgage approval process
  • We will send executed contracts to you and the title company.
  • Hire a mover and begin packing
  • Call and arrange for utilities to be stopped the day after closing and arrange for new property if you are buying as well.
  • Arrange for home owner’s insurance to stop the day after closing and make sure you set up insurance for your new home if you are purchasing.
  • Gather funds to cover the closing costs
  • Attend closing

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