Preparing for a Home Purchase Includes Making Sure Your Credit Is in Good Condition

Think about it, the major life events that we all go through take some time. 

Having a baby takes 9 months, plus the time it took to get pregnant (but that’s usually the fun part).

Planning a wedding or getting engaged averages about a year. 

Think about Retirement, that takes 40 years.

Hi I’m Dana Weyl with Coldwell Banker select Owasso Homes and Lifestyle group. 

Think about it, most BIG LIFE EVENTS require some time to plan and it’s no different when you’re thinking of buying a new home,  so why not start planning ahead for your home purchase, especially if you want to maximize your credit. 

Increasing your Credit Score takes about 3-6 months depending on your score

Buying your home is a major financial transaction, so planning ahead is the smartest thing to do, especially if you know that increasing your credit score will give you the most opportunity to buy the home you want, and get the best terms on that purchase.

 Regaining trust with lenders by increasing your credit score takes time, so be sure to go to click the link below for additional tips..

I love being there for all of the big life moments of my clients. So be sure to reach out to me for any of your home buying or selling needs.  This is Dana Weyl with Coldwell Banker Select Owasso Homes and lifestyle group where we focus on real estate relationships and results.

Prepping For The Big Event
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