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When you think about local businesses most people do not imagine jewelry stores. These days it is far more common to get your engagement rings from a chain super-store such as JC Penny or Kay Jewelry.

While these options may work for some, others may find it impersonal and time-consuming. Ordering jewelry from one of these big brand stores can take forever to get what you want when you need it.

This is why Owasso jewelers such as  Koller Designs, are the way to go when you want to support your local business while getting a top-quality product that doesn’t need to be shipped for repairs and sizings.

John Koller opened his shop here in Owasso back in 2007 after already working in the business for 30 years. After starting his career in New Jersey he came to Oklahoma to share his talents in designing, creating pieces from scratch, and selling already-created pieces at retail prices.

His shop now is located at 9455 N Owasso Expressway and offers the same services as the big guys but with more care for his clients and the community. 

Since reopening after the Covid-19 Koller has seen a surprising boom in traffic. Clients who he hasn’t seen in weeks all returned for his business after waiting for him to re-open. While they could have given their patronage to one of the corporate chains who remained open during these difficult times, the people of Owasso knew it was worth the wait to go to their own local jeweler. 

Like many Owasso shops, Koller Jewelry is active in the community by donating to local charities such as Owasso resources and our regional schools. You may even find Koller’s custom pieces at charity auctions going for thousands of dollars.

Koller Designs gives back the support they receive from regular customers which is what makes shopping at local businesses worth it. You may find large chain stores open more often, but you don’t get that close-to-home feeling as you get at our Owasso mom and pop shops. 

If you’re interested in checking out Koller Designs, try their website where you can find a list of services they provide and their custom collection of jewelry. 

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