Blooming Redbud District

OWASSO- A new shopping center has brought a new social center to Owasso between 76th and Main.

Owasso’s latest addition was as noticeable as ever. This Oklahoma town has been facing many new changes with new neighborhoods being built, more public schools opening, and places you can take your family for some fun without having to drive all the way to Tulsa. 

Kicking off this spring, on April 2nd, locals will be able to enjoy the new Redbud Festival park located just South of the Owasso Police Department. 

The creation of the Festival Park will provide a social area where Owasso locals can come together with their families and friends. The park’s large, open, space and stage area will also be a great place for festivals and farmers’ markets. 

The park is located across from the Owasso Public Library and near the shopping center which allows visitors and residents alike to experience nearby attractions such as the Gathering on Main, starting in April, where all of Owasso’s local organizations and food trucks come together for the monthly street festival. 

The expansion has also been able to help local stores such as Urban Owasso grow and open two new locations in Redbud. There has also been plenty of new add ons such as The Steel Horse Owasso, Hillis Hollow, Mad Wooks Den, Art in Bloom, and soon the Emersumnice Brewery. 

The Redbud District is a part of that change, becoming the heart and soul of Owasso culture. We are excited about these Oklahoma-based stores that have chosen Owasso to be their place of operation. Adding a unique shopping strip in our town places you can shop for gifts and more.

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