You have narrowed down the list and now it’s time to head out and see the homes in person.  The showings are set and it’s time to go.  Here are a few things you will need to know before we hit the road.

  • Most seller’s will require a pre-approval before they will allow appointments. 
  • Some seller’s have 24 hour appointment notice requirements.  They can also limit days and times of the week as well. 
  • Wear slip on shoes as we may be asked to remove them upon entry.
  • If sunlight is important to you then we definitely need to schedule daytime appointments.
  • Dress for the climate, some homes may be vacant and we will be walking the grounds outside the home as well.
  • Vacant homes may not have utilities on so dress for the weather. 
  • Seller’s bathrooms are not for public use so plan accordingly.
  • Pay attention to layouts and rooms and not the furnishings.
  • Many homes have interior cameras and recording security devices so be sure to save discussion for after the home viewing, including the front and back patios.
  • Be sure not to sit on furniture or handle personal items.  We want to remove all liability of damage from ourselves.
  • Please direct your children to leave personal toys and items alone.
  • If for some reason a seller is present during the showing (very rare but can happen), be polite but quiet.  We don’t want to give any reasons for your want or need to purchase that could potentially affect your ability to negotiate.
  • Take good notes and list any questions you might have.

We will make arrangements for the showings and let you know the time and address to begin the process.  Now the fun begins!


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